Wobble Eyes – Clown Fish


Great weird, hairy, stretchy animal toy with big eyes that pop out when you squeez for kids and adults. Perfect for Anxiety Relief, ADHD, calming anti stress fidget toys to have fun!!

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Introducing Wobble Eyes: The Weirdly Wonderful Hairy Stretchy Animal Toy with Popping Eyes!

Experience a world of delightful weirdness with Wobble Eyes! This extraordinary toy is designed to bring happiness and fun to both kids and adults. With its hairy texture, stretchy body, and big, popping eyes, Wobble Eyes offers a unique sensory experience that engages the senses and sparks joy. Whether you’re seeking anxiety relief, ADHD management, or a calming anti-stress fidget toy, Wobble Eyes is here to bring a smile to your face and provide moments of pure happiness.

Key Features:

Weirdly Wonderful Design: Wobble Eyes stands out with its whimsical and quirky appearance. With its hairy texture and unique shape, this toy captures attention and sparks curiosity. The big, popping eyes add an extra element of surprise and excitement, making Wobble Eyes an instant favorite for both kids and adults.

Stretchy and Hairy: Wobble Eyes is not just a toy—it’s a tactile adventure! Its stretchy and malleable body allows you to pull, twist, and manipulate it in various ways. The soft and tactile hairs add an extra level of sensory stimulation, providing a satisfying and calming tactile experience.

Popping Eyes Sensation: Brace yourself for a pop of joy! Wobble Eyes features big eyes that pop out when you squeeze it. This surprising and interactive element adds a delightful twist to playtime, bringing laughter and amusement as the eyes spring back into place. The popping eyes sensation creates a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Durable and Safe: We prioritize the durability and safety of our toys. Wobble Eyes is made from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. Each toy undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest safety standards, providing a worry-free playtime experience for kids and adults alike.


Happy Sensory Play: Wobble Eyes brings happiness and joy to sensory playtime. Its unique combination of stretchiness, hairy texture, and popping eyes offers a whimsical and delightful tactile experience that engages the senses. Playing with Wobble Eyes can bring smiles, laughter, and a sense of contentment, making it the perfect toy for happy and playful moments.

Anxiety Relief and Stress Reduction: Wobble Eyes serves as a wonderful tool for anxiety relief and stress reduction. The act of squeezing, stretching, and manipulating this toy helps release tension, redirect restless energy, and promote a sense of calm. The popping eyes add an element of surprise and amusement, creating a positive and uplifting sensory experience.

ADHD Management and Focus Enhancement: Wobble Eyes can aid in managing ADHD symptoms and enhancing focus. The tactile stimulation it provides, combined with the interactive popping eyes, can help improve concentration and redirect restless energy, allowing individuals to better engage in tasks and activities. It serves as a valuable tool for promoting focus and productivity.

Fun for All Ages: Wobble Eyes knows no age limits! It brings joy and entertainment to both kids and adults. Whether you’re seeking stress relief, tactile enjoyment, or simply a playful toy to brighten your day, Wobble Eyes is the perfect companion for moments of happiness and memorable playtime.

Embrace the Weirdly Wonderful with Wobble Eyes:

Let the quirky and whimsical world of Wobble Eyes brighten your day! This weirdly wonderful hairy and stretchy animal toy, with its popping eyes sensation, brings happiness and relaxation to kids and adults alike. With its satisfying texture, interactive features, and stress-relieving properties, Wobble Eyes is the perfect companion for sensory play, anxiety relief, ADHD management, and calming anti-stress fidget fun. Allow Wobble Eyes to bring a smile to your face and create cherished memories of joy and laughter!

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Weight225 g
Dimensions12 × 13 × 5 cm


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